Saving a project

Once you have terminated a transformation in CorrMap or when you simply want to stop your job, you can easily save it by selecting the File | Save menu option. To do this, as shown in Fig. BO.8, open the CorrMap File menu by clicking on the icon that symbolizes the program in the upper left of the screen (1) and activate the Save option (2):



Fig. BO.8 – To save a CorrMap project, just activate the File | Save menu command.


This option opens the Windows dialog box for saving files, so all you need to do is to browse to locate the folder where you want to save the file. The project is saved in a .GMP file, the CorrMap format which contains all of the information and calculations carried out by the program. So, the file name suggested by the program is simply the same as the original raster map file but with .GMP extension. For example, if the original raster file was MyMap.JPG, the suggested saved file name will be MyMap.GMP, but of course you can change this name (not the extension) if you require.