Samples and demo version

CorrMap is provided with a number of samples for each of the geo-referencing techniques used by the software. These examples are explained in detail in this guide in the chapters of the Transformations sections, specific to each technique. With this information you can easily reproduce the projects described in this guide, thus achieving an easy method of learning to use the program. Also note that the examples provided with the software are fully workable with the demo version of CorrMap, i.e. without the limitations provided for new projects. In this way, even if you are still evaluating the program you can understand its full potential.

The CorrMap installation program installs the examples in the folder:




Where "C" is the computer unit for the hard disk where you installed CorrMap and "Name" is your computer user name. For example, if the name of the computer user is "Graham", the full path of the folder is as follows:




So, the chapters of the Transformations section refer to this folder as "the CorrMap samples folder".

The trial version of CorrMap allows you to fully reproduce all the examples explained in this section of the User's Guide, so that you can completely evaluate the program. For new projects instead, the trial version has the following limitations:


you can insert only 4 reference points  and 2 transforming points;


you cannot export your geo-referenced maps in other formats (XY, DXF, GeoTIFF, TFW).