Opening an existing project

When you want to re-open a project that you had previously saved with CorrMap (see section Saving a project), just activate the File | Open menu option. To do this, as shown in Fig. BO.6, open the CorrMap File menu by clicking on the program icon in the upper left of the screen (1) and activate the Open option (2):



Fig. BO.6 – To open an existing CorrMap .GMP file, just activate the File | Open menu command.

This option opens the Windows dialog box for selecting CorrMap project .GMP files. So, all you need to do is to browse your computer to locate the folder containing the project you want to open.


However, be aware that a .GMP file requires that in the same folder there is also the original raster file (PNG, JPG, TIF, etc.) on which you calculated your transformation . Otherwise CorrMap shows you the warning message of Fig. BO.7 indicating the folder and the name of the raster file that was originally opened.



Fig. BO.7 – CorrMap allows you to re-establish the connection between the .GMP project and the original raster file.


Clicking OK on this message, the Windows dialog box will return, but this time it is prepared for selecting a raster image files (BMP, JPG, TIF, PNG, etc.) as if you were starting a new project. You can then select the original raster file. Once selected, the program re-establishes the association between the .GMP project and the new location of the original raster map and finally opens the project. By doing this operation, you should of course be careful to select the raster file previously used in the .GMP project. By selecting a different raster, there won't be any correspondence between the raster and the transformations stored in the .GMP project.