Introduction to this guide

HTML and PDF versions

For your convenience, this User's Guide is provided in two different formats:


Georem.chm: this file is an HTML help system and it's very useful if you want to read the guide while you are using the program because it allows you to easily navigate the guide sections and follow all of the reference links. In fact you can open this guide by simply clicking the '?' (question mark) icon on the top-right corner of CorrMap main window.

Georem.pdf: this is a familiar PDF file usable with Adobe Acrobat Reader and it's particularly useful if you want to print a hard copy of the guide.


You can also open both guides from Windows Start menu as explained in section How to install the software or by double clicking on the files themselves on CorrMap installation folder.

Structure and conventions

In order to make it easy to learn the program, this guide has been divided into the following 4 sections:


1.Getting started: this section contains information to let you quickly install and start to use CorrMap.


2.Basic Operations: here you'll find the explanation for all the basic operations and common commands that you will have to perform in the program.


3.Basic Concepts: this is a theoretical section which explains all the concepts and the algorithms on which CorrMap is based on.


4.Transformations: this is a practical section which explains, by means of real examples, how to perform all the transformations provided by CorrMap.


In the text of this guide you find the symbol (*) which means that there is a note box below that paragraph providing further explanation:


icona_nota   (*)

This is an adding note ....


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