How to activate the software

In order to activate CorrMap, you need a License Serial Number that is provided by your CorrMap reseller. With this serial number you can activate CorrMap directly on your computer or in a normal USB pen drive. If you don't have the License Serial Number you can run the trial version of the software.

Running the trial version

When you start CorrMap, if it has not yet been activated, you will see the following window:



Fig. GS.4 – The initial message if CorrMap is not activated.


If you haven't purchased the license, you can use the trial version by clicking the Start in demo mode button. As explained in the window, this version allows you to fully reproduce all the examples explained in the User's Guide, but it provides some limitations for new projects.

Activating the program

If you have purchased the software license, you need to activate it performing the operations described below. In order to obtain an immediate activation, you must have an internet connection on the computer where you have installed CorrMap. Otherwise, the activation can be obtained via e-mail. Both methods are described below.

Click the Activate program button in the window of Fig. GS.4 above; the window reproduced in Fig. GS.5 will appear. In the cell at the top, insert the serial number (*) you obtained from your CorrMap reseller (usually via e-mail). Once you have entered the serial number, you have to select the options for the activation method and type.



Fig. GS.5 – CorrMap can be activated directly on your computer or in a normal USB pen drive.


icona_nota   (*)

The serial number shown in the window above is for explanation purpose only and is not valid for activation. The actual serial number to be entered is the one you receive when you purchase the software.


Activation method

This option allows you to choose whether to activate the software on the computer or on a normal USB pen drive, i.e. you don't receive any dongle from your CorrMap reseller, you just use a normal USB pen drive of your own.


Local computer (not recommended):  choose this option to activate the license on the computer where CorrMap is installed. Please note that, currently, by using this method you cannot transfer the license from one computer to another, even though this option will be available in a future CorrMap upgrade. Therefore, if you want to use the software on multiple computers (but not simultaneously), even though you have purchased a single license, it is recommended to choose the USB activation as explained below.


USB flash drive (recommended *): for this method you need to provide a normal USB pen drive which will become the license key to run the program. To check if a USB pen drive is suitable for this purpose, just plug it into one of your computer USB ports and press the Update the USB flash drives list button. If the device name appears in the box, as in Fig. GS.5 above, it means that it has been recognized and can be used. So, just select the USB device name in the box. Please note that in case you have more than one USB stick connected to your computer, the box will contain the name of all of them and you then have to select the desired one.


icona_nota   (*)

CorrMap adopts a new licensing technology that allows you to activate the license on a normal USB of your own. This means that you don't receive any dongle form your CorrMap reseller but you just use a normal USB pen drive of your own typically used to store your files.

The activation is performed via the product serial number provided by your CorrMap reseller when you purchased the product as explained in this section. Thereafter, whenever you want to use the program, all you need to do is to insert the USB pen drive in your computer. This memory stick can still be used for normal data storage but also becomes your license key for CorrMap. Therefore, if you run the program without inserting this pen drive, a warning message will appear and CorrMap will not run.

Using the USB key, you can then use CorrMap on multiple computers, though not simultaneously. This means that, once you have activated your CorrMap pen drive on the first computer, you can install the program also in other computers and use it by simply inserting the pen drive on each of them.

For this reason, the USB activation is very flexible, i.e. should you want to use CorrMap on both a desktop computer and a laptop. The activation in fact resides in the USB pen drive and is independent of the computer, as such it avoids the risk of losing the activation in case of disk formatting or computer replacement.

The USB activation does not incur additional cost to the user as Tecnobit does not send him/her any dedicated hardware key (dongle) but, as mentioned, the user simply uses one of his own USB sticks (or buys one) to activate the software. You can also activate multiple Tecnobit programs on the same memory stick (one license per product). It is therefore advised to attach a label to the pen drive showing the name of the software activated on it.


Activation type

This option allows you to choose whether to activate the software using an automatic procedure via the Internet or a manual operation via e-mail.


Automatic (preferred): select this option only if the computer where CorrMap is installed has Internet access, then click the Activate button (Fig. GS.5) and a message will appear informing you that activation is successful and the program will start. In case of Internet connection problems, please carefully read the message window in order to see the possible cause and remedy, if you are not able to solve the problem, please choose the Manual method explained here.


Manual: select this option if your Internet access is available on another computer, but not on the one where CorrMap is installed. Once you have selected it, the activation window will change as in Fig. GS.6.



Fig. GS.6 – If you don't have an Internet connection on the computer where you installed CorrMap, you can perform the activation via email.


As explained in the window, all you need to do is to send an email to including:


1.your product serial number;

2.your installation code.


Once Tecnobit has received your email, you will be sent your license code. This code is composed of 3 lines of text as shown in the dummy example below:


LICENSE tecnobit corrmap 5.02 permanent uncounted hostid=789eeb30

_ck=640dfc5632 sig="60PG4580JJG64EJ20AWHUGAK30QT5448968BN3Y108A1YVB



Paste the activation code you have received in a text file and go to the computer where CorrMap is installed. Copy the code from the text file again and paste it into the box at the bottom of the activation window. Finally click the Activate button. If successful a message will appear informing you that the activation is successful and the program will start. Otherwise, if you get an error message, it means that there were some errors communicating the serial number and the installation code or while copying/pasting the license code. In this case, please repeat the procedure paying careful attention to all the characters in the code.